A new regular listing of useful info, interviews and articles on composing for film from around the web! #1

It’s been ages since I have written anything and seeing great sites like who constantly post great content for their subscribers and readers – well they inspired me to do the same. Yes it takes a bit of effort finding good content but it helps having some good reading laid out in front of you – kind of ‘made easy’! I would encourage interaction and also post a few links yourselves if you ave something good that you may have read recently.

Here’s three great articles to get started with!

* A great article by Mary Sollosi a blogger from FilmIndependant.orgDanny Elfman & Thomas Newman on the Chaos of Scoring a Film HERE

* has a great article about Mad Max score composer Junkie Xl: Workflow and Tutorials  HERE

* are full of great resources and here is an article featuring the legendary Vangelis: On Film Music Composing HERE

Don’t forget to either send us or post it as a reply if you find something on film scoring worth sharing!




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