Bass Camp

The inaugural BMI BASS CAMP (BMI @Abbey Road Songwriting Sessions) took place at the beginning of August 2014 at Abbey Road Studios and was the first event of its kind run by a performing rights organisation at the revered studio.

BASS CAMP is the brainchild of Brandon Bakshi (BMI’s Executive Director, Writer/Publisher Relations, Europe and Asia) who along with Bohemia Junction’s MD Andrew T. Mackay curates the yearly event. They have previously worked together on Camps in Kingston, Jamaica and St Lucia
2014’s camp saw songwriters & producers from Hong Kong, Nashville, London & LA attend the three-day event held in Studio 3 at the legendary studios.
The camp also had guest speakers from BMI’s London team as well an enthralling talk from legendary music lawyer Alexis Grower.

This year’s event takes place at the end of July into August 2015 and will involve more writers and producers and will use an additional studio. There will be a BMI surgery with guest speakers sharing their knowledge and experience offering further insights into the industry.

The goals of the camp are:

• to create an environment to encourage collaboration and development
• to provide opportunities for experienced writers/producers to work with some of freshest new international writers
• to build a portfolio of new copyrights with the aim of releasing the songs created during the camp by either the artists/writers themselves or other suitable recording artists on the global scene.

Inaugural BMI Bass Camp @ Abbey Road Studios August 2014

BMI Bass Camp August 2014 – Music Week Picture of the Week

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