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Bohemia Junction Limited is a UK based company with a team in Mumbai, India and is a meeting place for ‘creatives’ in music, film & the arts and those looking to expand their services and product into India and collaborate with Indian companies and individuals. We also help individuals and companies in film and music in India wishing to connect with those in the UK.

Our two key areas of business is the representation of London’s world famous Abbey Road Studios for India and Pakistan and in particular their award-winning mastering services and FAMES Project, Skopje, Macedonia and their Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra and Studio M1 providing high quality, cost effective orchestral services. Both these world class companies provide the finest quality services for the vast Indian film and record industry.

We also started the first ever composer’s lab in India – The Mumbai Composers Lab formed in 2013. The composers Lab is presented with Abbey Road Studios in association with PRS for Music, UK and supported by BMI. We also co-curate SongHubs Mumbai with Sounds Australia which is an exciting collaborative song camp for Australian and Indian songwriters and producers and is an initiative run by The Australian Performing Rights Association and AMPCO.

2015 saw us hosting a series of events across Mumbai including Music Tech Sundays which was a bi-monthly presentation, discussion and networking event focusing on music technology, live music and a host of networking events aimed at linking composers, producers and filmmakers together for collaborative projects.

Later this year we will also be launching The Bohemia India Foundation – a collaborative initiative aimed at mentoring and assisting artists across all genres of music in India. Providing key industry mentors from international record companies, publishers, managers, social media & PR companies and many more. Our goal is to increase the visibility of the wonderful array of Indian talent on the international scene by provide funding, grants. mentoring, scholarships etc. Those with talent but without the knowledge or understanding of the industry will be helped through the mine field that is the music industry and we want to give them a chance at a career in music and to gain some kind of success or at least having a fighting chance at their musical dreams and aspirations.

If you have any questions or would like to avail of our services or get involved with us in some way or feel that you can provide expert help in our educational and mentoring events then we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by and either mail me at or send us your details via our contact forms. You can also read about our team and speak to any of them on our contact page. To read more about me as a composer click here.

Have a great year and all the very best

Andrew T. Mackay

Managing Director and founder – Bohemia Junction Limited

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