Bohemia Junction. Where West really does meet East!

Well folks it has taken a while but we are thrilled that the new site is up and running. Many thanks to the guys behind the scenes making it all happen. Joshua, Akash & Snehal have done us proud!

We are really keen to highlight the best of the West to India and the best of India back. Working in India is always a joy and bringing new products and services to the ever growing entertainment industry in Mumbai is a great honour. Mastering of course exists in India with some good guys at the helm although there are no specialist studios specifically aimed at mastering. When we took on the mantle of representing Abbey RFront of building final IMG_4091oad for India we knew we had been given a glorious task. Working with what is probably the most famous music brand in the world is daunting but exciting. If you take away the name you still have some of the best mastering engineers in the world all holed up in leafy St John’s Wood – a rather nice part of London. If you come out of St John’s Wood tube station and take a left you will arrive, after a short walk at Lord’s Cricket ground. If you take a right – well more of a straight then right you’ll arrive at Abbey Road. Music and Cricket all in the hood! What joy! Sounds a bit like India to me!

Well we are already working with some great names in India and have mastered some wonderful films, albums and songs. Roll up, roll up and get you next project mastered with us. We’ll find you the perfect engineer out of our ten award winning guys. We’ll fix a price and then get you hooked up with London and off you go. Wait for your tracks to come back with some very special fairy dust added! Well it is far deeper than that but you’ll notice a big difference on top of your already great mix! If you want to try things out do get in touch and we’ll see you through the process.

Our other exciting project is the representation of FAMES Project and their Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra and Studio M1. Not much has to be said about them. Watch the video with a dear friend Oscar nominated composer Javier Navrette talking up the great team out in Skopje, Macedonia. Such a wonderful composer.

The great thing about recording the orchestra in Skopje is that not only do you get a damn good price and great quality playing you can stay right where you are in your studio in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Shimla or wherever you do your music if you so wish! The studio uses Source Connect which hooks you up with the studio and you get the audio being recorded right into your studio or place of work. You also get a video stream of the orchestra and you can talk directly to the team and conductor! We can help you orchestrate your parts and prepare everyt2hing ready for the orchestra to play. If you have that already done even better! Call us up and we’ll get you a great quote within a few hours!

Have a peruse and thanks for visiting the site. I’ll talk more about our Songwriting Camps and other activities in another post. In the meantime happy music making and have a splendid day!