Musings on Abbey Road…

There is always that feeling that once you have been in Abbey Road Studios you don’t really want to be anywhere else.


Of course there are fabulous studios all over the world. One of my other favourites is the glorious Yash Raj Film’s Audio Wing in Bombay and its fab main studio with genius chief engineer Shantanu Hudlikar.


Recording Sgt Pepper in Studio 2 circa 1967


Microphone lust with George & Paul.

I came across this amazing picture of the Beatles in Studio 2 at Abbey Road during the recordings for Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The instruments still exist and if you are recording there you can use them and many of the other great bits of gear scattered (in a nice way) around the studios, cupboards and corridors. Oh and the mic below  I think is in the Microphone cupboard. If you are really nice you might get to use it.

Abbey Road ATM

Yours Truly with two beautiful babes!

Last year whilst we were running BMI’s Bass Camp working in studio 3  there was a wonderful array of desks set up that an Australian artist had been using in conjunction with the main desk in the control room.  I love the fact that the studios are still alive with the past but embraces modern technology as we all should. The place has such a history and that exudes from every wall, nook and cranny.

If you want to know more about Abbey Road check out the website or….if you get a chance go to this event shown below in the video next time it happens!! If any of our Indian composers, producers or musicians are visiting London and are interested in using the studio either to record, mix or master and want to have a tour let us know and we can fix it up for you.


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Some of the pics I grabbed from this cool website with thanks!