Simon Gibson

An expert in 5.1 music projects, Simon has mastered the work of some of the world’s best known names in pop, rock and classical music, including The Beatles (Yellow Submarine), Depeche Mode, Robbie Williams, Wings (Rockshow), Kylie, Sigur Ros (Heima), U2, Keane, Nigel Kennedy, and the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge. Other surround projects have included the 25th Anniversary recording of the London stage version of Miss Saigon, the legendary Argentine band Indio Solari – Live at La Plata 2008, Final Symphony – a symphonic album derived from the music to the Final Fantasy games series and the Disney musical Newsies.

Simon has also mastered soundtrack albums for many Hollywood blockbusters, including The Hobbit (Parts 2 and 3), Into the Woods, San Andreas, Macbeth, Les Miserables, Skyfall and Spectre, The King’s Speech and the 5.1 audio versions for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Parts 1 and 2).

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