COMPOSERS CONNECT – Film Scoring Webinar VIDEO – with Bohemia Junction Ltd.


Here’s the video for our first webinar in a series called COMPOSERS CONNECT held on Friday 8th May 2020. The first is about film scoring and has some great guests. The quality is little bit rough in places but hey it’s our first so hopefully we’ll improve!

Our first event was with Andrew T. Mackay in conversation with Joaquim Badia an amazing composer and orchestrator, (a graduate of Royal College of Music and Berklee) based in London who has worked with us on many Indian films, also with Chennai based Indian composer Ron Ethan Yohann who has written some amazing scores including Maya, Naragasooran & Game Over. Also joining us is Laurent Koppitz who heads FAMES Project in Skopje which has become the ‘go to’ place for recording orchestral scores for the Indian film industry and byond! He runs the studio and the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra. Since Bohemia Junction Limited introduced the service to India we have recorded over 120 Indian film scores with FAMES..

Here’s a link to the scores, images and audio that we had on the webinar.

Look out for our next webinar on Saturday 22nd May with Arranger, Composer and Producer Meghdeep Bose.

We’ll be chatting about the different roles of an arranger, producer and composer and where those roles cross Register HERE

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