Welcome to Bohemia Junction!

Looking over the work we’ve done over the last 5 years since Bohemia Junction first started, it is amazing to see the varied projects and people we’ve worked with. And what is great for us is that they keep coming back as happy repeat clients!

Every client is as important as the next. So the one off single to the 5.1 mastering of a feature soundtrack, the string quartet to the full Symphony Orchestra are all of equal focus for us to deliver exactly what the client wants at the highest possible quality.

One of the areas that we branched out into in 2017 was providing an orchestra for live shows. There has been a surge of interest since the first Arijit Singh Symphonic concert in Dubai in 2015. Our director Andrew T. Mackay conducted the Grand Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since then we’ve brought the same orchestra to Pune, India for an incredible concert by Marathi music stars Ajay Atul conducted by maestro Pablo Urbina last November. And earlier this year the same orchestra performed in Jodphur, Rajasthan.

We also took 75 musicians from the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra – our great orchestra in Skopje, to Dubai for the Audio Launch of the score of AR Rahman‘s Robo 2.0. The concert performed music from the original Robo film as well as music form the forthcoming release and also music written by AR Rahman for films by directer S. Shankar. Our team of orchestrators worked on the music which was conducted by maestro Matt Dunkley.



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