Production Music

  • October 29, 2020

The finest production music.

We are very honoured to be exclusively representing in India a magnificent collection of music recordings from the world renowned Cézame Music Agency based out of Paris, France.

Founded in 2007, Cézame Music Agency is a unique company which has brought together a host of labels from across all musical borders and genres in this impressive collection of music.

It’s not always possible or financially viable to get your composer to create individual large scale orchestral or genre specific or even region specific music but with a catalogue that is enriched by a hundred albums a year, we are now able to offer a wide choice of musical genres and provide services specifically designed for the audiovisual sector enhancing the soundtracks to your Films, TV productions, Advertising and Corporate Videos.

Our music at the Cézame Music Agency has been used in a host of great film and TV shows, trailers, featurettes, TV Ads & behind-the-scenes including ‘I may Destroy you’, ‘WestWorld’, ‘The Handmaids Tale’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Orange is the new Black’ and a host of other leading productions.

Access to the music is via an innovative, intuitive and accurate search engine offering distinctive features which allows you to instantly find the music best suited to your needs – sorted in order of relevance.

You can create finely honed playlists that respond most effectively to your searches, organized by theme, genre, label or dedicated specifically to classical music.

We can also offer Music Supervision helping you find the right music with our recommendations based on your brief by our experienced team of music professionals

To create your own account please CLICK HERE! Use the reference #Bohemia when you register and include it after your company or registration name to get great introductory offers and to ensure you account is authorised quickly.

If you need to talk to us please get in touch with either Joshua Rodrigues,  Andrew T Mackay or Jay Mistry HERE and we’ll help you navigate a new world of music opportunities with the pure intention of enhancing your productions with some of the finest music available at affordable rates.

You can also send us a whatsapp message on +91 98195 16715 and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

High Quality Production Music.
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