Ambient Tapes (Vol.1) – Adam Lamprell


The debut solo album from British composer Adam Lamprell is a stunning ambient landscape created solely on the guitar.

Releases March 9th 2021 on most digital and streaming platforms

“Having always integrated sonic sculptures into music I was involved in making (Particularly in recordings with Eno, Ferry and Bombay Dub Orchestra), I made the decision to produce some work where that element would be central. I also decided the work should purely focus on the textures I could make with guitars,  so I would ignore traditional concerns like melody and rhythm as much as possible”

“I made the tracks, parked them on various hard drives and forgot about them until the first Covid lockdown of 2020. I was then drawn back to the aims of this private, almost secret project, and began recording a new batch of pieces including Montréal avalanche”.

Adam’s background lies heavily in art – He graduated with a degree from London’s renowned Camberwell Art College. Both of his Fathers (he was adopted as a child), also incredibly studied at Camberwell. His adoptive father becoming an oil painter, his biological father working casting bronzes for Henry Moore. His Mother studied painting at Chelsea Art College. Adam joined the staff after graduating but soon left having secured a recording contract with the band The Scissormen.

Two albums later he joined critically acclaimed London band Skyscraper with whom he continues to write record and tour with. During this time he began to lend his guitar skills to other artists as diverse as Michael Prophet, Bryan Ferry, Europe and Bombay Dub Orchestra, whilst writing and recording his own unique music – Unheard by human ears. Until Now.

Adam is an avid collector and dealer in Vinyl and has a vast collection of guitars, pedals and a variety of strange instruments. He lives in a small man cave in Lymington in the New Forest, UK.

Ambient Tapes (Vol. 1)

  1. There Might Be Stars 7.20 (Adam Lamprell)
  2. Signal Lull 7.08 (Adam Lamprell/Jazz Defector)
  3. From Zero to 50,000 5.42 (Adam Lamprell)
  4. Montréal Avalanche 4.54 (Adam Lamprell)
  5. Highest Elevation 5.13 (Adam Lamprell)


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